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Dedicated program manager/analyst with 15+ years' success leading complex systems and software projects.

I love business intelligence and data analysis. I thrive on creating programs to manage scalable growth for your operations team.

I'm a loyal friend and history nerd with a large vocabulary.

Available for:

Project Management


Process Improvement

Business Intelligence










“I had the privilege of working with Holly at Innovative Interfaces, where she led the installation services team. I inherited many of her customers at the go-live stage, and can say that Holly always received high marks for communication and attention to detail. She seemed to effortlessly juggle managerial duties, scheduling work, and hands-on involvement in projects that required her deep product and technical knowledge. The outcome was almost always a solid implementation and satisfied customer. Holly is just the type of person needed to lead a high pressure, time sensitive implementation/installation team..”

Anthony Rogers

Customer Success @ Postman

(API dev platform)

​“After working on many projects with Holly, she is the go-to person for Project Management. Any time a problem arises, she is the first to jump on it and find a solution”

Abby Scioneaux, PR and Marketing Coordinator, Today's Homeowner Media


FIZZI FEST! a celebration of the good life and all things bubbles is a wine festival held in Downtown Mobile. This year's event will benefit the Mobile Arts Council Public Art program.

(Founding Member-Organizer)